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Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria :
Grade Age Criteria
Pre Nursery 2.6 years and above
Nursery (LKG) 3.6 years and above
Junior I (UKG) 4.6 years and above
Grade I 5.8 years and above

1. A Copy of the birth certificate along with 3 copies of passport size photo are required to complete the admission process for Pre-Nursery, Lower Kinder Garten, Upper Kinder Garten and 1st standard classes. If the birth certificate does not mention the name of the child, an affidavit for the same should be submitted along with the birth certificate.

2. Original Transfer Certificate and Copy of marks card are mandatory to complete the admission process for II standard and above.


1.Enquiries can be made over phone / by mail or by visiting the school in person.

2. Appointment to meet the Principal can be obtained by notifying at the administrative office .

3. Application forms will be issued at the administrative office.

4.Admission process will be completed after payment of prescribed fee by demand drafts at the administrative office along with submission of the duly filled and signed application form and other documents.


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