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School Policies

School Timings
Days Grade I - X Cbse Grade I - X State Nursery classes
Monday - Friday 8:50am to 3:30pm 8:50am to 3:30pm 9.45am to 1.00pm
Saturday 8:50am to 12:50pm 8:50am to 12:50pm Holiday


I am an excellent Prarthanite because

  • I am honest, punctual and truthful. I follow the rules and regulations of the school.
  • I am regular to the school.
  • I come to school in neat uniform.
  • I respect my parents, teachers and elders.
  • I take interest in all the activities of the school.
  • I behave well in and outside the school.
  • I follow the language code of the school.
  • I pay attention and hence study well.
  • I do my home work regularly.
  • I am friendly and accommodative with all the students.


1. Please fill in the pupil's information sheet in the diary (Tell Book) providing complete details.

2. Please send your children to the school regularly. Please ensure that the children will not remain absent unnecessarily for avoidable reasons. Children with 100% attendance will be recognized and honoured.

3. Please do not send the child to school if he/she is sick. In such cases please send the leave letter promptly.

4. If you are sending your child by school van, please ensure the presence of the child in time at the pickup point. In other cases, please ensure that your child will be at school well before the commencement of school hours.

5. The diary contains the day to day instructions/observations relating to your child. please sign the diary every day and take note of the contents.

6. Please do not try to meet your child or the teacher in the school during the school hours. Public are not allowed inside the school premises without the permission of the principal.

7. Please attend the parents meet compulsorily which helps you to understand the progress of your child.

8. Please do not allow your child to wear any jewellery, except a pair of ear rings. We express our inability to take any responsibility for the loss of the valuables brought to the school by the students without our knowledge. Please do not send the child to school with nail polish. Your child is welcome to wear limited number of plastic/rubber bangles while attending the school.

9. Please furnish proper information and details of the private van drivers to the class teachers. Please note that the school will not bear any responsibility of the safety of the children outside the school premises. If you are sending your child by private van,it will be at your risk and responsibility.

10. Please do not allow your child to bring mobile phones, I phones or any other mode of instruments of communication or entertainment. We search at random, the bags/pockets of the students. Any such material found will be confiscated and suitable action will be taken against the child.

11. We believe that private tuitions will not help the children in improving the standards. Instead, they may even prove to be harmful! Think twice before sending your children to tuition.

12. Please do not allow your child to carry money unnecessarily.

13. Please do not make call to school unless it is very urgent and important.

14. Seeking Permission to take the ward during the school hours is not permitted. Either he / she has to take half-a-day leave or full day leave in such circumstances.

15. You are welcome to drop your suggestion / complaint in to the 'Suggestion Box' kept at the entrance of the school.

16. You are welcome to meet the Principal, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:15 p.m and 5:15 p.m for queries / clarifications. You may even mail them to the e-mail address of the Principal, viz, 'sheelaa_prarthana@yahoo.co.in'.

17. Parents can meet Mr.Karna Belagere, Deputy Secretary, Prarthana Education Society with prior appointments.

Rules and Regulations

1. Classes commence after the Morning Prayer. The students are required to be punctual and to be present in time for the prayer. Late entry to the school will be permitted to a maximum of five times in a year only.

2. Students should be regular to the school. If the attendance of a student is less than 75%, he/she will not be permitted to take the annual examination

3. Records are maintained regarding punctuality, regularity, behaviour and academic performance of the students and intimated to the parents periodically.

4. Students should come in neat and complete uniform. Neat fitting bloomer is compulsory for girls and short hair cut is compulsory for boys.

5. Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory progress in studies, habitual idleness and disobedience are injurious to the moral tone of the school and are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil.

6. Any damage to the school property must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

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