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The school has a beautiful and unique infrastructure in all the seven (7) blocks to cater the needs of the young minds. The school is housed with well ventilated and spacious class rooms. Above all, all the class rooms are equipped with CCTV and SMART CLASSES with DTS.


An assured and comfortable transportation has been facilitated with well trained ancillary staff to have a safe travel for all students.
Apart from these, following facilities are provided for children to meet their curiosities and intellect.


Is a Spacious Laboratory where Students can Perform Experiments Individually. It is the laboratory where more than 80 students can be accommodated simultaneously proving an apt atmosphere for the budding scientists.

Apart from these, following facilities are provided for children to meet their curiosities and intellect.


 It is the place where children are taught to apply the logical thinking behind a Mathematical proof without over loading them. It makes learning fun. It builds complete reference. It’s a math – kit to all the learners. It gives every child a head start at school.


Is the name given to the computer lab. Children here are provided with the most popular interesting CD’s such as Encarta, World Atlas, National Geography etc., and all the children are given an opportunity to browse the net for any of their queries, thereby avoiding the unwanted entry of the children into the Cyber, of course under the supervision of the teachers.


A Rich Treasure House of Knowledge – Attractive modern and updated varieties of books in different languages, core subjects, mythological, traditional and cultural books enhancing the IQ of the children. Other than these, relevant magazines, newspapers, periodicals, etc., are available in the library.


The place which each music lover longs for. The children are taught to create beauty of harmony and expression of emotions combining the vocal and instrumental sounds. The school choir is trained here.


Is the name of our play ground. Along with MPT all Outdoor games are taught here. A well – furnished sports room is provided for Indoor games. Even Yoga classes are conducted to keep the mind and body fit.

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