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In today's changing times,education is ideal and very challenging for the students. I feel that under the tutelage of a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers...

Prarthana Education Society - is the OF Shri Ravi Belagere, a great Educationist and a successful journalist of Karnataka. His outstanding life is mirrored in the motto “Work is worship”. This institution was started to meet the need of Parents who aspire to get their child educated in most secular, morally strong, well equipped and modern school. It was started with lots of Enthusiasm and hopes. It’s noteworthy to mention that the Institution is running without taking any donation.

Prarthana- the home of little toddlers….. My home here is unique. Do you know why? Because we have a Toy Library and other activities. We love to be here always. Ours is a different world where we play and learn, have lots of amusement and recreation. Learning here is a joy. Its my dream world.

Prarthana is a mixed bag of culture and traditional values and recreational activities along with education. Its main motto is ‘Play and Learn’. Co-curricular activities into curriculum have helped the students to exhibit their hidden talents. Celebration of national festivals stands as an important duty and pride in our institution. Especially on the Independence Day Prabhat Pheri is organized and the feast is celebrated with much galore and vigour.it was started ever since the inception of our school.

Prarthana – a theatre of inspiration is a true home of an unequal splendid earnestness. Prarthana has helped her children to learn different folklores. We are happy to mention that Dollu Kunita, Veeraghase, Kamsale, Patta, Mallakamba, Rope Mallakamba, Niradhara Malla kamba, etc. are taught to our children by the well known trainers.

It’s noteworthy to mention that our girls’ Dollu Kinita team was selected to perform at ‘AKKA’ an association of Kannada Kutas of America at Baltimore, Washington DC. Enriching the glory of the Indian traditional art forms. On many occasions our school was visited by eminent personalities like Sri Nisar Ahmed, Mr. Nagatihalli Chandrashekar, Smt. B.R. Chaya, Smt.Tara, Sri. H.S. Venkatesh Murthy, Sri. G. Venkatasubbaiah, Sri. H.D. Kumarswamy, Sri. Yediyurappa, Smt. Shoba Karanlaje, Sri. George Fernandes, Mr. T.N. Seetharam and others. PRARTHANA INSPIRED….. Our school has been participating in NCSC- National Children’s Science Congress and has bagged the prizes at the national level for four consecutive years from 2002-2005 and in 2008.

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